Retirement Solutions and Financial
Expertise for Plan Sponsors

Have you completed an independent “benchmark” or “review” of your 401(k) plan in the
last 2 years?

Is your Retirement Plan up-to-date and offering the most innovative technology?

Is somebody meeting with you and your organization regularly to educate and communicate important changes?

Are your employees satisfied with the current plan? Do they understand all of the investment choices offered?

Do you and the participants know all of the plan costs and how they are allocated between the company and employees? Are you 100% certain they are competitive to the industry average?

Do you have an investment policy statement; are you following it?

Have you taken the steps necessary to ensure you’re in compliance with the Department of Labor’s regulations?

If you answered “no” or are unsure about any of the above questions then you came to the right place!

Retirement Research Group connects employers with the most accomplished retirement plan experts and financial advisors in the country. Plan Sponsors interested in making sure they have the most competitive plan and ensuring compliance are given unbiased advice along with industry leading diligence. Our specialized network of expert advisors take pride in being true “plan partners” by providing case-specific solutions that save you time and expense. We work hard to reduce exposure to liability and address both IRS and Department of Labor requirements. We know that it takes trust and expertise to provide the right retirement solution for your employees, and we are pleased to provide all initial consultations at no cost or obligation to you.

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Providing Plan Sponsors with the Retirement Advisors They Deserve

As the financial market changes, retirement plan regulations become more compliance demanding and have developed a standard of zero-tolerance. It’s been said that only the strong survive... we tend to agree!

Retirement Research Group partners with the most accomplished and best-in-class financial and retirement plan professionals who center their attention on providing the best solution for participants. We seek out advisors who utilize and understand the importance of consultative and analytical processes to assist Plan Sponsors in achieving a compliance-proof and fairly priced retirement plan with the highest quality services for all plan participants.

Our straightforward approach is focused on delivering remarkable results and is driven by our face-to-face consultations with Plan Sponsors who express a genuine interest in conducting an independent review of their plan with a retirement expert. All consultations are always set with the decision makers of the Plan Sponsor, scheduled upon their availability, and confirmed by our staff. If you are a skilled financial advisor with expertise in the retirement plan industry and are interested in taking your business to the next level, please contact us now to see if we’re the right fit for you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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